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Ever wonder what might happen if eleven people from #SMEM (social media in Emergency Management) gathered on Skype to watch the Super Bowl? If you answered “4 hours of the most informative conversation ever,” you might be close to being right.

It might be safe to say that it’s going to take a week to sort out all of the various tools that were discussed with regards to monitoring. Here is a short summary of my lessons learned and short “to explore” list for the coming weeks:

  • We started by using a Google Doc to collect data on our various fun missions.  The problem with this is that the firehose of the SuperBowl was huge and honestly, the socialization among us took on a value all its own.  Had monitoring this event been our full-time job, we would have organized differently, but the benefits of talking through some of the tools was independently interesting.
  • Right off the bat, several of us learned that there is an old TweetDeck and a new Tweetdeck that incorporates the new Twitter look.  If your Tweetdeck logo is yellow, you have the old version.  New version has a blue logo.   Thanks Bill (@emrgncytraffic) for that tip.
  • Alex (@u62) tested a GeoCommons map at
  • A “Super Swarm” badge is available on Foursquare by checking into Super Swarm Sunday as a location (over 200K people checked into the game on Foursquare)
  • Lots of folks were also checked into @GetGlue as a platform to share information about the game.
  • First 2 commercials had their own hashtags (thanks to Jim Garrow @jgarrow’s tweet)
  • PuppyBowl link shares turned into its own separate mission to find fun Superbowl alternatives
  • Even misspellings on Twitter can become active hashtags (See #sooperbowl, #superboal & #superbowfacts)
  • You can preload a Tweetgrid page with up to 9 columns and share it with friends (the sharing part was news to me!)
  • Embedding feeds on Google sites can help maintain situational awareness like this example from Occupy Oakland from @u62
  • Check your building bandwidth before you plan to download embedded streams of video.
  • Some are playing with VueToo as a situational awareness tool
  • Lots of Tweetgrid search choices are evident on this page
  • How to do geo-searches on Hootsuite or Tweetdeck:
  • More discussion is needed about how to structure information-gathering for 50+ human-based input resources.
  • Patrice Cloutier (@patriceclouter) has a fun Delicious page of links at:
  • Giants & Patriots Twitter comparison stats were fun to see at:
  • Real-Time Social Media Monitoring Tool favorites included:,, and
  • With the SkyFire app on iPads, you might be able to watch Flash videos (will definitely be checking this out!) and….
  • Everyone has a favorite extended life battery which includes iSound, Brookstone 92-hour battery, Energizer Energi and solar panels.

We had an amazing conversation today and after 4-hours of this spontaneous #SMEMBowl, my head almost hurts with all of the new information that I can’t wait to check out.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who hung out with us today.  If you don’t already follow these folks on Twitter, you should.  They are full of wisdom, insight and answers to social media’s basic questions.

  • Bill Smith (@emrgncytraffic)
  • Jeff Phillips (@_jsphillips)
  • Heather Blanchard (@poplifegirl)
  • Alex Rose (@u62)
  • Patrice Cloutier (@patricecloutier)
  • Scott Reuter (@sct_r)
  • Shirley Keeton (@acuriouslife)
  • Marlita Reddy-Hjelmfelt (@theredelm)
  • Pascal Schuback (@schuback)
  • Joanna Lane (@joannalane)
  • Cheryl Bledsoe (@cherylble)
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