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This Friday, from 12:00p-2:00p EST (that’s 9:00a-11:00a for the West Coast friends), we welcome anyone with a passing interest in applying social media to emergency management (#SMEM) to play in an exercise on Situational Awareness.

For those of you who played in the #SMEMWater drill in January, this one will be different. You don’t necessarily need to have accounts in social media to participate in this game. You will only minimally need access to the Internet. For those of you who do dabble in social media, you may use this as a great opportunity to collaborate together to broaden and compare your assessment of the situation.

Here is how it will work. At 12:00 p.m. EST (9:00 a.m. PST), I will give you a specific topic area. Your mission will be to gather as much information as you can about this topic area. It will be a topic area that is ripe with rumor, speculation and conflicting information. You will have approximately 2 hours to determine the truth of what is current, accurate and relevant.

Once you determine what you believe is the truth, you can fill out a Google Form which will be available here on this website with your “situational report” of the topic area.  The player or group of players with the most accurate situation report will be determined to be the winner. Players are encouraged to collaborate and work with each other on any platform that they are most comfortable with.

Questions?  Feel free to leave a comment here on this blog post or ask questions on the Facebook Fan Page or on Twitter, using the hashtag #SMEMWatch.  You can ask questions at any time.  Once the topic area is released on Friday, I will be focused primarily on facilitating smooth game play.

I look forward to working with you on Friday to evaluate our ability to obtain situational awareness on any and all forms of social media.

If you are not familiar with how to search Twitter for information,check out…

Also, don’t forget to use your plain old Google search at to see what you can find online.  See you on Friday!

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