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If you are reading this post, hopefully it is because you are interested in playing in a social media exercise this morning called #SMEMWatch.  If you haven’t yet read up on the details of #SMEMWatch, you may want to read this earlier post so that you better understand what is going to be asked of you this morning.

This post should launch at 12:00 p.m. EST (or -5 hours UTC if I do my math right).

Today’s scenario relates to the Occupy Wall Street movement that started a number of months ago.  While this movement has now had splinter activities and various goals, it is a situation that is ripe with rumors, conflicting information and mixed motivations.  So, today, we just have a couple of key questions for you to research:

  • How many Occupy groups are currently camping in any public space? Who are they?
  • How many Occupy groups are planning activities, but are not camping?  Who are they?
  • What Twitter Hashtags are in use?
  • What websites or social media platforms are in use for planning Occupy activities?
  • List as many goals as you can glean from the Occupy movement?

When you feel like you have a solid set of answers to these questions, populate them into the following Google form.  If you have any questions about this scenario, you can tweet using the hashtag #SMEMWatch or email me directly at

This exercise will conclude at 2:00 p.m. EST (giving you 2 hours from the time of this original post to gather your research).  You may work and collaborate with anyone you choose to on any platform you wish to.  The only restrictions you have are those that you place on yourself and your imagination.  Enjoy!

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