This week, emergency managers from all over the United States will convene on Alexandria, Virginia for the Mid-Year Conference of the National Emergency Management Association.

The conference materials are listed at this link.  And like last year, there will be a session on Monday afternoon that is focused on social media & emergency management.  This year, that panel will be moderated by Jeff Phillips (@_jsphillips) and will also include:

  • Greg Licamele (@g_r_e_g)
  • James Hamilton (@disaster_guy)
  • Rob Dudgeon (@sfdemrob)
  • Kim Stephens (@kim26stephens)
  • Brian Crumpler (@emgis)
  • Christine Thompson (@redcrossmom)
  • Cheryl Bledsoe (@cherylble)

If you have spent any time in the world of Twitter, you should recognize all of these names quite easily.  It should be a fun panel and provide some great conversation at this conference.

In addition, pay special attention to the Twitter hashtag #NEMA12 as it will, hopefully, be full of valuable information on other topics that are discussed at this year’s conference.  And, if you’re attending the conference, don’t be shy about sharing information as well.  You have the ability to make the conference fun and lively be open discussing the issues of importance to emergency managers.

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