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This week, a new year will emerge and with it comes the opportunity to revitalize, refresh and establish new goals for the coming year.

Whether you have an extensive communication strategy for your agency or have never set a communication plan, think about some simple commitments that you can work towards in the coming year.

Here are a few for starters:

  • Read your agency communication policy:  Does it include social media communications or have situations come up in the past year that were not quite covered by your agency policy?

  • Discuss your agency communication policy with your managers:  Are all of the managers in your agency on the same page when it comes to understanding the policy and expectations? Are the managers all on-board with how active, proactive or reactive your agency wishes to be with public information?

  • How about your public records policy?  Consider having a public records drill, particularly if you’ve never had a request for social media records. How easy is it to evaluate the storage of your electronic records?

  • Evaluate the training of your agency:  Are managers, information officers and operational folks who may have stories or content to contribute all feeling comfortable with how to submit and share content with your communities?

  • Are You Interesting?  This might be the toughest goal of all with any communication strategy. And while you might believe yourself to be personally fascinating, is your intended audience interacting with what you post? Are you posting multi-media information?  This means pictures, videos and words that are connecting with others.  If this is a struggle, know you are not alone, but establish some time to consider how you might better connect with those you are trying to reach.  It might be a question of timing, content or engagement that needs some help.

No matter where you are in your social media integration efforts, take some time this week to set some basic goals for 2013. And, if you’re brave, share a few of them in the comments section below this post. You may inspire others with your thoughtful ideas!

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