Three years complete.

So, what it is in store for Year 4?

I have really enjoyed collaborating and chatting with the colleagues that I have met over the past 5 years since I started using social media.

It has changed the way I connect with people and challenged me to do some rather crazy things which have included:

  • Attending “tweet-ups” and meeting over 200 people that I had only talked to before on social media,
  • Putting together a “140 Character” Conference with 58 speakers in one day, focused on the intersection between government & social media,
  • Speaking at conferences all over the United States,
  • Completing 3 years in leadership of my State EM Association,
  • Facilitating a global VOST Leadership Coalition,
  • Creating and managing a successful game called 30days, 30ways with participants all over the world,
  • Participating in foot races with teams using social platforms all over my city,
  • Walking a half marathon in Las Vegas,
  • Recently, running my own political campaign.

Honestly, I attribute most of these activities to social media and a desire to always push the envelope to what we can do next…..and I feel like the past 5 years is pushing me towards developing an umbrella organization to further enhance existing efforts on the “Social Media & Emergency Management” continuum.

I talk to so many people who are hungry for more training and networking in this arena……so, I have a few questions for you.

Please consider taking the following survey and sharing with others in your professional circles. This will help me craft and refine the vision for this project and better gauge the energy of the community.  Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts!



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