Recognize this hotel?

If you do, check your schedule for this Monday evening, March 10th.

This is the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center hotel in Virginia and it will be the site for the National Emergency Management Association Mid-Year Forum for 2014.

Whether or not you are planning to attend this conference, if you are in the local area and have any relationship to the #SMEM conversations on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you should plan to stop by the Finn & Porter restaurant inside the hotel to meet up with a number of active SMEM collaborators.

This will be a casual gathering or #TweetUp and you are invited to join us.

Early rumors suggest that sightings of Kevin Sur (@rusnivek), Joanna Lane (@joannalane), Jeff Phillips (@_jsphillips), Kim Stephens (@kim26stephens), Todd Jasper (@toddjasper), Eric Kant (@etechops), Tanya Ferraro (@tjlasagna), Brandon Greenberg (@disasternet), Steve Peterson (@emergencycomms) and I (@cherylble) will be hanging out.

Don’t be shy! Stop on by anytime after 5p…..I suspect we’ll be there for most of the evening.

Also, feel free to follow the #NEMA2014 hashtag throughout the conference. I’ll likely do the bulk of my sharing through the @sm4em handle so as not to annoy my non-EM friends.

Have a GREAT week.

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