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You may think that Ive disappeared from the #SMEM scene as of late, thanks to the lack of updates on this blog. However, that is not the case.

What is true is that Ive been busy working on a number of projects which have been just a little more behind the scenes, but now is a good time to resurface for a brief moment and chat about these endeavors.


  • New Job: As you may remember, I moved from the emergency management profession and into a 9-1-1 technology career. While still mystifying for some, the next huge phase in the 9-1-1 community is wrestling with the advent of Next Generation 9-1-1 which is essentially the incorporation of #SMEM directly into the public safety community. It is fun to be on the forefront of some of the planning conversations which will someday bring text, video and imagery right into the hands of future 9-1-1 dispatchers.


  • New Training Classes: Despite the new job, Ive also had the pleasure of being involved in the development of a new training course that is currently in the pilot stage for the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, entitled Social Media Engagement Strategies. This class will have several pilots before seeking final course approval. The next pilot is on March 19th in Cincinnati, Ohio. And according to the NDPTC training website, there are still 8 seats left in the course, if youre lucky enough to be within a commutable distance. Pilot #1 occurred in Washington State in February and the feedback was very encouraging and positive. Intermediate Social Media Tools, taught by Kevin Sur, is also occurring the day before and has 5 seats left at this writing. For other pilot deliveries, keep an eye on the NDPTC site for future announcements.


  • New Association: For the past year, Ive been working with a number of #SMEM folks to create a professional association that wholly models and embodies the use of collaborative tools and technologies. With a vision to provide an umbrella to emerging technology initiatives and to solve age-old emergency management issues through truly incorporating a whole-community approach, it is an exciting initiative. And, at this juncture, weve seated a Board of Directors, adopted By-Laws and a Strategic Plan and are currently jumping through the hoops to be fully registered as an operational 501(c) organization. Our goal is to soft-launch this membership-based organization late summer 2015 and host our first in-person conference in 2016 or 2017. Much more to come on this very soon.


  • New Award Nominations: And, in other news, Ive been honored to have several of the initiatives nominated for awards being handed out by the first Government Social Media Conference (#GMSCon) which will be held in Reno, Nevada at the end of April. Nomination, however, appears to be just the first step and now the general public gets to vote on the awards. Id personally ask you to support voting for 3 categories specifically by March 6th


  1. Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST) were nominated in the Social Media in Emergency category. Vote at this link > http://conference.governmentsocialmedia.com/golden-post-awards/social-media-in-an-emergency/
  2. #30Days30Ways, the National Preparedness Month game facilitated by the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency was nominated in the Social Media for Citizen Engagement category. Vote at this link > http://conference.governmentsocialmedia.com/golden-post-awards/social-media-for-citizen-engagement/
  3. And finally, I was nominated for the Top Government Social Media Leader (Non-Elected) category. Vote at this link -_> http://conference.governmentsocialmedia.com/golden-post-awards/top-government-social-media-leader-non-elected/

It continues to be a pleasure to work among such amazing people in the #SMEM community. I look forward to seeing and meeting even more of you as I travel to a variety of locations in 2015. As always, please dont hesitate to reach out and chat with me on Twitter at @cherylble or via email at cherylble@gmail.com.

May each of you have an AWESOME 2015! Thanks for reading.

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