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The Birthday Kids

When you have a blog, you have a voice. And today, my voice will be used to say a special “happy birthday” to two of my favorite #SMEM friends. Earlier this week, many of you lit up the Twitter-sphere with birthday well wishes to Kim Stephens (@kim26stephens). If you don’t know Kim, you should. Not […]

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Law Enforcement is Different

A few months ago, I was asked to develop a “Social Media for Law Enforcement Investigations” class. At first thought, this seemed relatively easy. I have spoken to many different audiences from farmers to medical examiners about the value of social media in the past 5 years; however, this audience was slightly different. Cops with […]

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Whole Community

Who do you see when you look at this picture? Our “Social Media & Emergency Management” Community is pretty special when you think about it. Before I got involved in social media, I primarily surrounded myself with local emergency managers and public safety professionals like many of my colleagues. If you’ve ever been an emergency […]

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Time for a Tweet-Up?

Recognize this hotel? If you do, check your schedule for this Monday evening, March 10th. This is the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center hotel in Virginia and it will be the site for the National Emergency Management Association Mid-Year Forum for 2014. Whether or not you are planning to attend this conference, if you are in […]

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You Should Know Jack

Does the name “Jack Burkman” sound familiar? If you are a sports enthusiast, you have probably heard about the lobbyist in Washington D.C. who is proposing legislation to ban gay players from the National Football League. This week, I have a great case study to share with you about the “other” Jack Burkman. Jack’s story […]

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Here’s a newsflash: I could care less about sports. Yes, I know I’m from Washington and this next week, I’ll be courteous and feign some interest in the fact that the current Super Bowl Champions are from my home state. I may have even made a pair of football earrings and wore blue today. Despite […]

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Never Too Old

Two days ago, my grandfather turned 90 years old. Today? He joined Facebook and sent me a “friend” request. I nearly fell off my chair. Age is one of those fascinating things in social media because there are many people who relegate social media to the “younger generation” and yet, there is a growing number […]

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Looking Back Over 10 Years

I will never forget the first week of January in 2004. It was perhaps the most epic week that I had experienced to date because I… Turned 30 years old, Was in my 1st week as an Emergency Manager, Had to be a quick study because the Pacific Northwest was experiencing a rather historic snowstorm, […]

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CEM Credential Lessons

Having spent the better part of this weekend working on my Certified Emergency Manager recertification through the International Association of Emergency Management, I have a few observations which will hopefully help you if you are seeking your CEM credential in our profession. First, and foremost, don’t wait until the last minute to round up all of […]

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And the Results Are???

Two weeks ago, I shared the seeds of a vision that I’ve had for just over a year now which involves developing an emergency management association or think tank that truly involves a whole community of participants. Over the past 3 years, I’ve found myself engaging with state and national emergency management associations, technology groups, […]

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