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  The table is nearly set. And you have a formal invitation to join us on 11/11/15 as we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the first use of the #SMEM hashtag (which stands for Social Media in Emergency Management). WHAT: Launch Party for the Virtual Emergency Management Association WHEN: Fun begins at 8:17 a.m. Pacific […]

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Your Responsibility

In recent weeks, I’ve been working on drafting social media policies for several new organizations that I work or volunteer with. And while each organization uses social media differently, one common thread has been evident in each organizational training: User Responsibility While an organization can easily say “here is how we will engage in social […]

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Where is Waldo?

You may think that I’ve disappeared from the #SMEM scene as of late, thanks to the lack of updates on this blog. However, that is not the case. What is true is that I’ve been busy working on a number of projects which have been just a little more behind the scenes, but now is […]

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Politics & Social Media

Yes, this blog has been quiet. No, that doesn’t mean I’ve wandered away from social media. For the past 2 months, I’ve been living behind a Facebook Page alias and supporting a local political campaign. And, if you really want to know what managing an emergency might feel like on social media, join a locally […]

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Engaging with Facebook

This past week, I had the opportunity to chat with a community group who wanted to learn more about how to spread its message on Facebook. And, for most emergency situations, we don’t ever worry about how to spread our messages because people actively crave information during times of crisis. This means that good information […]

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Take Action To Prepare!

Today, we sit on the eve of September 1st which is the 10th Year of….. National Preparedness Month!¬† This month is focused on getting people to think about and take action towards becoming better prepared. For many emergency service organizations, event planning is underway for various community events, CERT trainings and open houses to put […]

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DC Tweetup?

About a week from now, a number of #SMEM folks will be converging on Washington D.C. to attend the White House Innovation for Disaster Response & Recovery Day on Tuesday, July 29th. And, if you’ve ever met me, you know that I love to meet folks that I’ve only chatted with on Twitter or other […]

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Ready for Something New?

You may have already read about my dream to start a whole new type of Emergency Management Association. Yes, we have state-level associations (of which I’ve served in leadership for several years). Yes, we have national associations (both the International Association of Emergency Managers¬†and the National Emergency Management Association). But, it’s time to establish a […]

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Website Messages

Websites say a lot about your agency. Whether you are a private sector company or a public entity, your web presence can say positive things like “we know our key messages and what we offer to others” or they can stand as confused, multi-message, full of information sites that say virtually nothing at all. Now, […]

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Your Tiny Image

If you have any social media accounts, you hopefully have heard the word “avatar” or “thumbnail” image. These are the tiny images that serve as your profile pictures. And while I usually talk to agencies on this blog, today, I’m going to talk about us all as individuals. Because, if you are representing an agency, […]

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