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Social Means “One-To-Many”

The beauty of social media is its ability to provide one message to many people at once. This is particularly important during times of crisis when time is of the essence and you simply can’t get the word out fast enough to the people craving the information. And yet, I still see people communicating one-by-one […]

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My Problems With Press Releases

If you have access to any “public information officer curriculum,” I have a homework assignment for you: Check the curriculum and compare how many slides are dedicated to social media versus the number focused on writing press releases. Recently, I have been taking a look at both public information slides and videos and it is […]

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A Role For Onlookers

This past week was historic for the use of social media in crisis. And while many articles have already been written about the use of social media in the Boston Marathon bombing and the fertilizer explosion in West, Texas, I want to focus on the role for the rest of us. If you are in […]

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Being a Virtual Team Leader

In the world of emergency management, responders commonly manage teamsĀ to complete a variety of missions and tasks. But, for the most part, the people being managed exist “in real life” and communicate via voice, if not face-to-face. And while large companiesĀ have been dealing with virtual teams for many years, this concept is still relatively new […]

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Tactical Tweets: Mistakes or Misunderstood?

Last week, I wrote about “mistake” tweets. And this week, we experienced several situations where agencies made requests or shared information in ways that provoked conversations about whether the action itself was a mistake. Situation #1 occurred during the search for Christopher Dorner when a request was made to the media to stop sharing information […]

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How Fast Can You Adapt?

This past week has offered two great case studies in how to use social media. While both situations involve “disasters” of different types, both stories give us a lot to learn. First up, have you read up on the Applebee’s Restaurant Public Relations Disaster? If you haven’t, may I totally recommend this informative blog on […]

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A Matter of Perspective

  Following every disaster, there is a rush to judgment. And Hurricane Sandy is no different… We all have the ability to observe and evaluate the various stories, experiences and rumors that surface during significant events. But who among us ever has early access to the full story of the hows, the whys and the […]

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Are Maps Telling Good Stories?

A picture should be worth 1,000 words. And, in the world of social media, graphics can help tell a story. This is especially important to both the news media and emergency managers who need to share information with diverse audiences. Sometimes, as an emergency manager, I’m sharing information with operational responders who need very detailed […]

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Filtering Out the Noise

This is going to be a busy week on social media. With the impending Hurricane Sandy (#sandy, #frankenstorm) and the International Association of Emergency Management (#iaem12) Annual Conference, a number of different platforms are buzzing with pictures and information. And, in the midst of these 2 events, there is still an important election coming up […]

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Hashtags on Fire

Have you been watching all of the devastating wildfires in the United States this week on Twitter or other forms of social media? If you have been monitoring the breaking news, you’ve probably also seen a proliferation of hashtags that have not only tracked fires by states, but also by specific names. One practice that […]

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