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Today, we sit on the eve of September 1st which is the 10th Year of..

National Preparedness Month!

This month is focused on getting people to think about and take action towards becoming better prepared.

For many emergency service organizations, event planning is underway for various community events, CERT trainings and open houses to put services and activities on display.

And although being prepared is EVERYONES RESPONSIBILITY, there are still just a handful of events that everyone can participate in through the avenue of social media.

They include.

  • 30 Days, 30 Ways which, started in Washington, provides a daily challenge and call-to-action. Players and observers are asked to consider taking one simple step per day to get them more ready for future crises that you may encounter. Not only will the tasks cause you to think, but you can win prizes and will meet others who are participating in preparing themselves as well. You can follow the game on Facebook at and on Twitter by following @30days_30ways or the hashtag #30days30ways
  • Emergency Kit Cook-off which, started in Arizona, provides a specialized set of shelf-stable ingredients which the public can vote on until midnight of 9/1/14. Players and observers are then challenged to make a great recipe involving the specific ingredients. This will creatively cause you to think about items you might be stuck cooking with if disaster were to strike in your local area. You can follow this challenge on Facebook at and on Twitter by following @kitcookoff or the hashtag #KitCookoff

The American Red Cross has some creative partnerships this year that are creative as well for National Preparedness Month. They include:

FEMA also has some helpful tools for local programs to honor National Preparedness Month.

  • Americas Prepareathon which aims to ask people to come together for a National Day of Action on September 30th. You can register your activities at this site.
  • FEMAs Digital Engagement Toolkit also provides emergency services programs with suggested preparedness messages to be used during September

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