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Messages for D.C.

This past week was pretty incredible. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know already that I was in Washington D.C. with a host of other friends and folks for the White House Innovation Day.  You should read my friend, Kevin Sur’s post about this rather incredible experience.  Another post from Kyle Richardson […]

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The “V” Word

You may have read another great article this past week in Emergency Management Magazine about the Virtual Operation Support Team concept and its implementation at Florida State University. I loved reading about how FSU is harnessing the power of students to monitor social media, but I want to talk, for a moment about the “V” […]

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Here’s a newsflash: I could care less about sports. Yes, I know I’m from Washington and this next week, I’ll be courteous and feign some interest in the fact that the current Super Bowl Champions are from my home state. I may have even made a pair of football earrings and wore blue today. Despite […]

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3rd Year Review

Tomorrow marks the 3 year anniversary of a conversation that started on Twitter and hasn’t stopped. That’s right, the #SMEM hashtag which has come to mean “bridging the gap between social media and emergency management” will celebrate the fact that not only is the hashtag alive and well, but has brought so many diverse people […]

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Being a Virtual Team Leader

In the world of emergency management, responders commonly manage teams to complete a variety of missions and tasks. But, for the most part, the people being managed exist “in real life” and communicate via voice, if not face-to-face. And while large companies have been dealing with virtual teams for many years, this concept is still relatively new […]

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If you are an agency who is not actively considering how to implement social media within your emergency management program, you should at least consider how you might be able to determine what is happening online.   The possibilities are pretty easy really: Either your community and news media are really pleased with how the […]

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Virtual Lessons Learned

The leadership of Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST) and other Digital Communities have been meeting monthly to discuss some of the key aspects of this evolving resource. Part of the valuable discussions that occur each month include brief summaries of activations and lessons learned that might be applicable for other teams. This past Friday, I […]

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Lessons from Virtual Teams

Not only has National Volunteer Week just ended, but today is also Earth Day. Why are these two concepts important? Because volunteers no longer provide face-to-face service, but the realization is growing that digital volunteers can provide an incredible service to emergency managers across the globe. The Earth Day theme of “Mobilize the Earth” should […]

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