The Virtual Emergency Management Association (Virtual EMA) has been under development since the beginning of 2014.

For some background, read this previous post:  Dreams for Year 4 and The Results Are

This professional association will aim to:

  • Represent the whole community of people interested in emergency management issues without silos,
  • Model the use of collaborative technologies and communications and build capacity to solve emergency management problems,
  • Provide a forum for collaborative practitioners to enhance their knowledge and skills, while providing a supportive environment to mentor public and private sector agencies in the early stages of embracing collaborative methods.

In 2014, the Virtual EMA group of collaborative stakeholders are putting together the infrastructure necessary to make this a thriving and exciting organization.  We will aim to formally launch with our first event in 2015.

Currently, the Virtual EMA has four active collaborative groups that meet regularly:

  • Virtual EMA Overhead Advisory Group (everyone who is interested may join this group at any time for periodic conference calls and updates)
  • Organizational Development Committee
  • Branding Committee
  • Event Planning Committee

If you would like to be involved in this initiative, please contact Cheryl Bledsoe at