Wellington Emergency Management Best Practices Guide

This guide was developed by @WREMOInfo in Wellington, New Zealand and recently won an award from the International Association of Emergency Management for best practices in SMEM implementation. Check it out at http://www.iaem.com/members/DanNeely-Technology-Innovation-2014D.pdf

Illustration: Twitter Reaction to Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Looking for the fun video that illustrates the Twitter traffic from Japan during their megaquake and tsunami? If anyone finds the embed code, let me know as Id love to post the video here. But for now, here is the link to the Twitter Blog that has the story with the great videos: http://blog.twitter.com/2011/06/global-pulse.html

Social Media Handbook for Navy Public Affairs Officers

This is an outstanding guide to use as a sample social media handbook.

Social Media Handbook for Navy PAOs

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AirForce New Media Manual
This, too, is an excellent guide for you as you develop your own agency social media manual.

Air Force New Media Manual

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Twitter Brochure
Looking for a way to explain Twitter to new users? This easy little guide shares the basics of communicating via Twitter. This was created by Cheryl Bledsoe for use in training new users.

Twitter Brochure